Strategy Online Games

A strategy game is a game where the players' decision-making skills are tested. These games are played on computer, video or board game. However in this article we will focus manly on Strategy online games. When you play online games like these, your decision-making skill has a high impact in determining the outcome of the game. Many online Strategy games may include this component to a greater or lesser degree. Therefore certain Strategy games online can be described as having a certain degree of strategic elements.

The free Strategy online games basically employ fantastic graphics and sound, thus making the game plays even more realistic as well as engaging. The game play usually engages a player being positioned somewhere in the map with a few units or a building. Quite often, players need to build particular structures to unlock more advanced units when they play online games. They need to build and use these units to defend themselves and eliminate enemies in the Strategy online games.

In simple words, the player needs to obtain resources, build bases, research technologies and make units. However, the can be very demanding while playing these online Strategy games. Utilizing true 3D, terrain, and physics, the first real time strategy online games were Total Annihilation, Homeworld and Warzone 2100. Besides increasing the element of realism in the game play, these Strategy games online also offer several multiplayer game play options and modes.

Some of the well known Strategy games online are Havok, Age of Empire III, Company of Heroes, WarCraft 3 Expansion: Frozen Throne, Age of Mythology: The Titans Expansion, Rise Of Nations, Lord of Rings: War of the Ring, Empires: Dawn of the Modern World, Commandos 3: Destination Berlin and Reign of chaos.

When you play online games like these free Strategy online games, you will discover that they attempt to reproduce the decisions and processes intrinsic to some real-world situations. Players will have to consider situations which are very real. The out come of the game will depend on each player action and decision.