First-Person Shooter Games

Feel the adrenaline rush while playing the current generation first-person shooter games online. Also known as FPS games, these fast paced games packed with challenges are gaining wide popularity among the online gamers. What is more, you can play these games for free!

When you play online first-person shooter games, you have to take control of a character and play the game from the perspective of that character. You have to mainly concentrate on the combat and shooting. The major design element being combat involves firearms and various guns. Like other shooter games, FPS games engage an avatar, an array of weapons and a variety of enemies.

Different free first-person shooter games present different range of weapons and enemies. For instance in Doom, you will come across aliens as your enemies. When you play online games like these, you will get offered different types of weapons and armors at different levels. Therefore, one needs to choose the combat weapons carefully so as to kill the enemies without difficulty. Today, there are many multiplayer first-person shooter games online, where one can play and interact with other players from all over the world. Counter strike is another very popular first-person shooter online game enjoyed by many gamers.

Free first-person shooter games primarily focus on both storyline and shooting. For example, in Half-Life games, one is put into a different kind of world where he needs to get rid of enemies to move ahead in the game. In this game one also has to interact with the other characters to get the clues and weapons. Some of the other popular first-person shooter games include Halo 3, Team Fortress 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Unreal Tournament 3.

Today, some of the sub genres of first-person shooter games online have been classified into strategic, stealth, and first person adventures. Most of the tactical genre games involve a military motif. In the stealth category, to avoid detection by your opponents is a key element. However, real time strategy behind these first-person shooter online games is to be able to give commands to other units and control the strategy.