Massively Multiplayer Online Games

Also known as MMOG, massively multiplayer online games are multiplayer video games which can support hundreds or thousands of players at the same time. Although they are played on internet as a necessity, they are, however, not the games which are essentially played on personal computers. Most of the latest gaming consoles, like the PSP, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DSi, Xbox 360, and Wii can access the web and run MMO or online massively multiplayer games. In addition, mobile devices and smartphones with operating systems as Windows Mobile, Google's Android, as well as the Apple iPhone are also experiencing an increase in the quantity of MMO games available.

When you play online games like MMOGs, you can complete as well as cooperate with each other on a large scale interacting meaningfully with people around the world. These massively multiplayer online games are basically interactive in format. Today, many of these MMO games are offered free to play which attracts even more players online. Playing free massively multiplayer games will a great fun. However, these free online massively multiplayer games are available with varieties of themes which cater to people with all types of interest.

Free massively multiplayer online games are one of the most popular games all across the globe. Persistent with a worldwide following of a huge amount of simultaneous players, these games also stress on the skill of the player more than player statistics. Some examples of these online massively multiplayer games are World War II, Planetside, Huxley, Dust 514 and Eve online. Combining real-time strategy with a persistent world, Mankind was the first MMOG, which focused on socialization instead of objective-based gameplay. Some of the other well known massively multiplayer games online include Kart Rider, Test Drive Unlimited, Unshift Strike Racer, Project Torgue and Race or Die.

Another of these MMOGs, which gained widespread media attention, is Linden Labs' Second Life. The latest new sub genres of massively multiplayer online games include There, Dotsoul, Furcadia and IMVU.