Glossary For Online Games

The online games industry is full of baffling and puzzling terms. With new terms used at online games adopted almost every other day, it is essential for a serious online gamer to be well acquainted with the basic glossary for online games. All beginner players and even experienced veterans can be sometimes clueless about certain terms used to play online games. Here in this article, you will find a comprehensive online games glossary for your educational pleasures. Online games glossary:

1337 -also known as leet or elite, which is the UDP port used by the Dead Cow Cult hacker group to access Windows 95 using Back Orifice, a disreputable hacking program.

AFK - Away from keyboard is to indicate that a player is momentarily away from the computer and not playing the game.

Aggro - A short form for the word "aggression" , one is expected to "aggro the mob" when triggering an attack. This is one of the common terms used to play online games.

Deathmatch – This is a common game play mode in multiplayer action games, where everyone is on their own and the winner is the player with the most kills.

DKP - dragon kill points – This is a system for allocating loot among members of a guild in an online game. Players with max DKP are given precedence over those with the least.

DOT - damage over time – These terms used at online games are most often used to refer to certain spells, curses, and abilities in role-playing games.

DPS - damage per second – This term is frequently used in roleplaying games and refers to the amount of damage a player or group of players can impose on the enemy in one second.

Camper - Campers can be different from one game to another, but they hang around excessively at a certain location on a map, in order to gain an advantage over other players.

Clan - Clan is a team of players practicinga certain multiplayer game together in order to compete with other clans. Clans put their initials in their player name in brackets or something so as to recognize them easily.

Frag - When you slay someone in an action game, it's referred to as a frag, another of the terms used to play online games.

Gone gold – A game having "gone gold," means its code has been finalized and the game is ready to be duplicated for distribution.

Griefer - Grifer is someone in a game with the purpose only to disturb game play. Some of the common griefer activities include team obstructing key map points, killing, spamming chat channels and corpse camping. You should be well familiar with these terms used to play online games.

Guild – Another of the common terms used at online games, a guild is a set of players who regularly partake in a game together.

HPB - high ping bastard - High pings are common among dial-up users and are almost certain to be used as an excuse for poor game play.

Lag – when the action in an online game dawdles due to a poor web connection, it is referred to as lag.

LPB - low ping bastard - A lower ping due to good Internet connection is a definite benefit in most real-time online games. Low pings are general among users with high bandwidth Internet connections.

Mod - modification – There is a long history of gamers trying to find ways to change, or otherwise modify game software to suit their purposes. User-created additions and modifications to a video game are known simply as "mods."

PK - player kill – This refers to when one player's character kills another player's character in an online game, usually an RPG. This is one of the important terms used at online games.

Pwn - own - Pwned is often used by gamers to explain a particularly embarrassing defeat. It is a slang version of the word "owned".

PBM/PBEM - play by email – Online games where moves are played through emails are called play by email games.

PvP - player versus player - Player versus player is used for games that allow people to compete directly with each other, rather than playing against a computer-controlled opponent.

PvE - player versus environment - Player versus environment is used to describe the gameplay where people compete against the computer or computer-driven opponents.

Ping - Theoretically, ping is the time taken for a request to reach the server and travel back to the client and is expressed in milliseconds. A low ping results in faster online gameplay, while high ping leads to slower gameplay. Get well familiar with these terms used to play online games.

RTS - real time strategy - RTS, is a category of strategy game played in real-time. There are no "turns" in a true real time strategy.

Spawn – Spawning, another of the terms used at online games, is to join the game at a chosen location on the map when you first enter a game or re-enter after being killed.

XP - experience - XP or EXP is a contraction for "experience" and is the foundation of advancement for most role-playing games.

Zerg – As one of the terms used to play online games, a zerg is a big group of players who simply depend on the strength of their sheer numbers, rather than their superior game skills, to win.

We hope you found the above glossary for online games both informative and useful.